Many of Addtech Controls customers have multiple locations. As a business owner, it can be extremely difficult to strike a balance between work and family.  We strive to make that balance a little easier.

Tad is a customer who immediately benefitted from one of our solutions. As owner of several sandwich shops, Tad typically spent an hour or more at each of his delis each day and when there were problems, it prolonged his stay. He wanted to spend more time expanding his business and less time managing small tasks. Tad had also noticed that when he was at certain locations business ran like clockwork, but slowed when he wasn’t there.

As Tad searched for a balance, he was referred to us by an associate.  One of our representatives explained how a surveillance system could help him spend less time traveling from one site to another and allow him to keep an eye on all of his locations at once. This was of course the ideal solution; he could be at home with his family and still be in all Delis at the same time. For Tad it was an easy choice.

After installing four Franchisee packages Tad said:

“I am extremely satisfied. Now I can spend more time running my business, and not running around my business."

Because of our surveillance, Tad has found that his employees are on their best behavior, and when they’re not, a quick phone call typically straightens things out.

“I can’t believe how effective this has been. I’ve saved money and loads of time. I wish I had done this months ago!”

Tadd | Owner

India House

Gill and his family own a small Indian restaurant that has become a lunchtime favorite for local business people. Gill knew the India House needed more than security cameras.  He needed a way for his cooks to see what was happening in the dining area and check the buffet without disturbing the clientele. He also wanted to be able to monitor the system from his upstairs office.

“The decision to work with Addtech was easy, they showed me that their system had more features and supplied a quote that was thousands of dollars less than the other surveillance companies. They even showed me how to save on my insurance premiums”

His six cameras easily covered the restaurant and parking lot. By adding a remote monitor, the employees could keep an eye on their customers and maintain the professional atmosphere for which the India House is known.

“Now that I have it, I don’t know what I would do without it!”

Gill | Owner
India House

Coffee Creations

Cindy owns and operates a very successful local Coffee shop. She was concerned about the safety of her teenage employees, till shortages, and the operation of her investment. Her husband is a Detective in the local Police Department, therefore, she knew firsthand the value of a good video surveillance system. Cindy began to ask around and was referred to Addtech Controls.

Cindy's husband said the following:

“In my line of work we look at a lot of surveillance video, but I have never seen a system less that cost less than $10,000 with this kind of video. The frame rate is nice and smooth, no choppy video or missed events. I can’t say enough about Addtech’s professional placement. I can easily identify any individual that comes in the store.”

Sometimes less is more...

“At first I wanted a bunch of cameras, but Addtech showed me how we could cover more with fewer cameras. No one even notices the four cameras we have.”

After the installation Cindy told us:

“My husband is a Detective, and he has never seen surveillance video this good. I just thought it was cool to watch the store while we were on vacation. Now that was NICE!”

Cindy | Owner
Coffee Creations

Willow Creek

Addtech Controls was contacted and asked to bid a video surveillance system for an apartment complex in Central Utah. After a preliminary conversation, the owner decided that the Remote Viewing capability of the WiLife System was exactly what she needed. It was a large complex with five separate apartment buildings, a club house, and a large parking lot.

When Addtech Controls was chosen, it was relayed that we were able to provide the same video coverage and features for 1/2 of the other competing bid. Additionally, we were able to include some quality analog components and overhead cables to run each of the four remote cameras. This process allowed Willow Creek to save the cost and headache of running underground cables for an additional sum and eliminating the need to tear up the parking lot.

With the Addtech Controls system up-and-running 24/7, Management has enjoyed the ability to log-in online and view the complex while away. To help monitor the complex at night, they also use Scheduled Alerts, which notify them of any activity during the overnight hours and on weekends.

Willow Creek

Which Watch

Jared is the owner of Which Watch, a retail business specializing in wrist watches. Jared frequently experienced problems with employee and customer theft.  He needed help.

Although he wasn't sold on surveillance cameras, he knew that theft was affecting his bottom line and he needed to find a solution. He began looking for a system that would notify him if an event occurred after hours; he also needed video recordings of any thefts.  He faced challenges in the past regarding previous thieves who couldn’t be prosecuted because of a lack of evidence. Most importantly, he wanted a video surveillance system that was easy to use, and one that would let him monitor multiple locations from home.

When Jared found out that Addtech Controls Remote Viewing function would allow him to remotely monitor all 17 of his mall kiosks from home, he was sold.

Jared was impressed by the system’s overall quality and said that “the ease of use was astounding!” By conserving time he would otherwise spend traveling to 17 locations checking on employees and customers, it has allowed him to improve his bottom line. He also found that his employees were more responsive to customers than they had been previously.

Within days of having his first system installed, Jared was able to catch a shoplifter in the act. He quickly emailed the video segment to mall security. The suspected shoplifter was apprehended by mall security within 20 minutes of receiving the video.

Needless to say, Jared has become a believer in the Addtech system and immediately made plans to install systems in his remaining mall kiosks.

Which Watch

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